Salon Estetica An AVEDA Concept Spa was named by Salon Today magazine to be in the top 200 salons in all of North America!

On the surface, a SALON TODAY 200 salon looks like any other busy salon in your community. Its décor, music and energy attract its target market. The images and words on its service menu tantalize potential guests to try an assortment of hair, body and nail services. And, its staff strives to live up to the promise, educating guests on the latest trends, delivering them using the newest techniques and showcasing the most advanced products. It’s what you don’t see—at least at first—that makes a salon a SALON TODAY 200 salon. It’s the solid processes, programs and systems that streamline the operation; measure and reward good management practices; ensure a consistent and predictable experience for each guest; create stable, creatively challenging opportunities for staff; and ensure a measure of profitability at the end of the day. Those are the earmark of a successful business. The SALON TODAY 200 competition, and its 11 different best practice categories, was designed to look beyond the surface and get to know these award-winning salons—really get to know them. And, with this special issue, we hope you get to know them, too. – See more at:

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