Balayage literally means to sweep. Balayage creates a soft swept natural result that requires lower maintenance with less salon visits depending on the look you are going for. This will take time and patience for the Balayage. We may need to correct past Balayage or hair painting experiences that left us not looking as picturesque as our Instagram inspiration photo. The transition period is much easier to embrace when both client and stylist are on the same page and you are both working towards your end goal. During the consultation it’s best to have a dialogue on how realistic your expectation is and whether or not it is achievable in one salon session. It may be necessary to have a series of sessions with a breakdown of services entailed and cost. This will ensure the integrity of your hair and give you a realistic idea of all involved with your long term goal depending on your circumstances your stylist can come up with a game plan and timeline to get you that flawless Balayage picture you find yourself constantly being drawn to. For someone with no previous hair color this could happen in the first session. For those of us who haven’t seen our natural hair color in years this will be a longer undertaking. This guest pictured above required 3 salon visits to achieve her end result. Price breakdown:
1st and 3rd visit Balayage, Glaze & Haircut $250.00. 2nd visit Balayage & Glaze $200.
As your hair grows out in a “painted” fashion she can come in for just root touchups.